Network and System Security Consultations


Home Office Consultations

Home networks and home offices are crucial front lines for cyber security, since they are often easily overlooked. Misconfigured routers or WiFi access points, lack of malware and virus protection, and computer systems that are used for both business and kid’s computer games are present very unique security concerns and challenges. All too often, people underestimate the dangers their home network has. Far too many identity theft instances result from insecure home networks or inadvertent data breaches caused by misconfigured systems in a home environment.

Small Business Consultations

Small business owners, especially those in industries that do not work directly in technology, often are very quick to overlook or completely dismiss the cybersecurity risks present in their business. Unfortunately, far too many businesses do not put enough time or resources into securing their data and computer systems until it is too late. A data breach can be extremely detrimental to a business of any size. Don’t wait for something to happen. Prepare yourself and your business now to minimize your risk and improve the odds of your business surviving a cyber incident.

Website / Blog / System Hardening

If you have a website, blog, or server accessible on the internet, it is constantly being poked and prodded by people, bots, and other malicious code that are not friendly. Without taking proper precautions to “harden” these systems and minimize the attack surface, they will eventually be infiltrated. The dangers can range from simple website defacement or modification, to utilizing your blog or server to host malicious content and attack other systems. Your name or brand’s reputation can be severely harmed and your customer’s or visitor’s trust can be lost in a moment. We can help reduce these risks by analyzing your website or server and customize specific configuration changes that make it far more difficult for an attacker’s attempts to be successful. Additionally, should something happen, the steps you take now can help you reverse the negative impacts of an attack much quicker.

A Little about the CIA Triangle


Just because an individual has authorization to your systems or network doesn't mean they should see all of your data? Confidentiality ensures that authorized users only see the data they need to see, and they are not able to steal data or information from your network. Confidentiality answers the question "What data are my users accessing?"


Are you sure your users aren't modifying your customer database with invalid data? It doesn't even have to be malicious. Human error can account for significant data loss. But what about malware or ransomware attacks? Even without human intervention, the integrity of your data is at risk. Integrity answers the question "Is my data intact as I left it?"


What good is your computer network, servers, or data if you can't get access to them when you need it? Plenty of things can impact the availability of your computer systems and data. Anything from DDoS attacks to ransomware to hardware failures can render your data unavailable and can bring your business to a halt.

System Security Posture - Example
Configuration Best Practices 78%
Software Patches 60%
Data Security 35%

Our cyber security consultations consist of a complete analysis of your network, systems, and data to determine any areas for improvement and the severity of each recommendation. Detailed vulnerability assessments can be performed that will identify all known threats your systems are vulnerable to, and the remediation actions necessary to mitigate them. Additionally, best practice recommendations are customized and provided based on your environment, the value of your data, the level of risk for your industry, and your overall risk appetite.