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"We won't sit idly by when a crime is committed in the real world. So why should we when it happens in cyber space?"
Max Baucus
U.S. Ambassador to China - Retired

Security breaches are an unfortunate part of our digital life in the 21st century. All businesses and every individual needs to take specific actions to protect themselves and their data. We can help identify a custom cybersecurity plan specific to you and your specific risks.

Private Investigations

As a licensed private investigations company in Texas, we can perform all types of private investigations. We specialize in cyber crimes and online investigations such as identity theft and online fraud, but can also help with covert surveillance, background checks, insurance fraud, fidelity, child custody, employee wrongdoing, and any other investigation needs.

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Incident Response / Digital Forensics

The moments after a cyber event are crucial and can make a significant difference in the overall outcome of the incident. We provide the expertise to contain and neutralize risks, provide full triage and analysis, and identify steps to minimize future risk. Incident response plans are far more effective if implemented prior to any incident, so don’t delay. Let us help you implement your incident response plans now before they are needed.

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Cyber Security Solutions

Identity Theft

Identity theft is far too common and most people don't truly understand this complex issue. We can help identify the weaknesses that make you a target, and minimize your risk.

Incident Response

If you or your business becomes victim to online fraud, hacking, website defacement, malware or ransomware, data breach, or any other computer crime, containment & eradication are important. But so is discovering and securing evidence.

Data Discovery & Forensics

Data recovery, data discovery, and digital forensics involve utilizing intricate knowledge of various file systems, operating systems, and data artifacts to piece together details of the data even after data destruction activities have occurred. Whether to secure evidence of a crime or to simply recover valuable information, our services can help you regain access to your data.

Network Security

Whether you run an office with multiple PCs or a home network of only one or two systems, network security is often one of the most neglected aspects of cyber security. We can help mitigate your risk, preventing issues before they become a major problem.

Vulnerability Assessments

The success of you or your business overcoming a cyber security threat relies directly on how prepared you are for an incident before it occurs. Allow us to perform custom vulnerability assessments on your digital environment, and help you mitigate issues before they become a bigger problem.

Private Investigations

We specialize in all types of cyber investigations, including computer fraud, identity theft, data discovery, and securing digital evidence. Additionally, we offer traditional private investigation services including covert surveillance, domestic investigations, and insurance fraud.

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